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Suggestopedia (in its new desuggestive development as well) is a science for developing different non-manipulative and non-hypnotic methods for teaching/learning of foreign languages and other subjects for every age-group on the level of reserve (potential, unused) capacities of the brain/mind. That means: at least three to five times faster, easier and deeper learning, inner freedom, increasing the motivation for learning, joyful learning and psycho-physiological well-being. The effectiveness as well as the benefits of the genuine method have been confirmed by the most prestigious international commissions and scientists. The genuine method has been also officially tested and highly evaluated from one international expert group of UNESCO that recommended the method to be applied all over the world. Here is an extraction of their recommendations (published in the journal of the society for accelerative learning and teaching,volume 3, number 3,Fall 1978,p.211):

Recommendations (Extraction)

Made by the Experts from the Working Group on Suggestology as a Learning Methodology Meeting in  Sofia, December 11-17, 1978

...1.There is consensus that Suggestopedia  is a generally superior  teaching method for many subjects and for many tapes of  students, compared with traditional methods. We have arrived at this consensus following a study of the research literature, listening to the testimony of international experts, observing films portraying Suggestopedia instruction and visiting classes in which Suggestopedia is practiced. The films were prepared and the classroom visitations were impressive.

...2.Standards should be set up for the training, certification and maintaining of standards of suggestopedic training.

...3.Different categories of competency of teachers should be used to reflect increasing levels of teaching performance in certification.

...4.Suggestopedic teacher training should be started as soon as possible.

 ...5.An International Association for Suggestology and Suggestopedia should be set up that is affiliated with UNESCO and should have the assistance and guidance of Dr. Lozanov  for training, research, coordination and publication of results.

 ...6.UNESCO is requested to give its support to all these proposed activities by all possible means and under the existing international regulations.


There is no other method or system that operates on this level. That is why working with this method requires the teacher to be properly trained. There is a lot of information in the authentic publications of Dr Lozanov but unfortunately this is not enough for a teacher to be trained. The whole training process is a specific form of art which cannot be mastered only by reading. It is as if a person who has not studied music was giving a professional concert only by a published description of the performance. Teaching is not  the mastery just a bunch of techniques but it is about emotional development and the need to teach empathetic skills. Do not rely on advertisements that are using the name of Dr Lozanov and are done by people who cannot show an authentic certificate. The teacher needs individual training and adaptation to the method in its dynamics if she/he wants to be a really good and creative teacher. We organize training courses for teachers in foreign languages for adults mostly, but in some cases for children too. Dr Lozanov holds courses for training teachers in other subjects as well. Let us give an example of the procedure of training a teacher in foreign languages for adults:

First of all, the teacher-trainee follows an experiential (which, in some cases could be modeled) course which lasts 40 acad. hours spread over several working days (in 2 weeks or less). During the experiential (or modeled) course the trainee also has lectures and discussions with Dr Lozanov about the basic theory and practice. That is the First level training, stage A. Straight after the First level training stage A follows stage B (stage B cannot be separated from stage A). This stage lasts again about 40 acad. hours (in 1 week). The trainee works individually with Dr Lozanov and together they elaborate all the steps in the method.

After finishing First level training stage A and stage B he/she is ready to teach students (beginners and low intermediate level) following the authentic method. After finishing the First level training the teacher could have several months practice and then to come for the Second level training which lasts shorter. Some teachers can have the Second level training immediately after the First level training.

The Second level training is individual like the First level training (only 1 trainee or a small group of trainees but with some time for separated individual work).

After finishing the Second level training the teacher is ready to teach students of all levels of knowledge and also support their future development by means of a language club for which he/she will also be trained.

A certificate signed by Dr Lozanov is issued only after the completion of the Second level of training.

Experienced teachers can be trained individually for trainers to be able and to be authorized to train other teachers in the method.

After completing the level to become a trainer of teachers, the trainee again receives a certificate, signed by Dr Lozanov, and has the right to be a member of the World Council of Trainers.

The teachers, certified and personally trained by Dr Lozanov, are entitled to free short consultations over the period of three years. The teachers  can be trained on teaching foreign languages and all school subjects to children only after he/she has been trained and certified on the programme for adults.  Please send us your CV, copy of your diplomas and information about where you intend to apply the method.

As you understand, we do not sell any tapes for learning. That is done by some imitators using the name of Dr. Lozanov.

All the best!